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Booth Type (Cart, Booth, Truck, etc.) VENDORS MUST BE FOOD TRUCKS::*
Truck License Plate Number:*
Participation Fee:*
Food Items Sold:*
All vendors completing this application agree to the 15% vendor fee assessed on total sales for the full event.  All non alcohol beverage sales MUST be more than festival pricing.  Pricing will be sent out with load in information prior to the event.
Absolutely NO alcohol sales will be permitted at any time during the event.
Each food vendor application is subject to approval by the Sellout Productions. All food vendors must meet all city, state and health department requirements. All food vendors are subject to inspection by local health and fire departments. Any food vendor who does not comply with health and fire department regulation is subject to closure of sales for the duration of the event.
All food vendor MUST have current Orange County County Public Health Permit please send a copy to
Terms and Conditions:*
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