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“The Promise”
“Heaven Knows”


Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann formed When In Rome circa 1985 when Clive met Andrew in Horts Wine Bar in Manchester one cold winter night! They soon started collaborating on lyrics and melodies for songs.

Clive’s dad built a studio for them to work in and pretty soon, the formula was set for what was to become the one and only When In Rome album!

First, they signed to Elektra Records via Simon Potts (A&R) and then Virgin 10 Records via Mick Clark (A&R). Both had become friends of Andrew when he moved to London; demo tape in hand, containing ‘The Promise’ in very rough 4 track form!

Clive had written the lyrics, melody and arrangement for the first verse and chorus and now it was down to Andrew to complete the song, lyrically. This was the formula used for every recorded When In Rome song!

The song completed in demo form, it was time to record this and the album.. The album was completed at Power plant Studios, London with the great Ben Rogan (Sade – ‘Diamond Life’). Further vocals were recorded at Linford Mannor, Hertfordshire and Townhouse, London.

Virgin America were asking for more like ‘The Promise’ and the guys flew to LA to record 3 further tracks with Richard James Burgess (Landscape, Spandau Ballet, Colonel Abrahams) at Sound Control and Hollywood Studios respectively. The 3 songs that came out of this session were, ‘Heaven Knows’, ‘Wide Wide Sea’ and ‘Sight of Your Tears’. The album was mixed at Quad Studios, NYC by Michael Brauer and Clive Farrington.

In 1987, ‘The Promise’, released as a 12″ single quickly caught fire on the West Coast via Live105, San Francisco and ultimately reached No.1 on the Hot 100 Club Play Chart in 1988 and No. 11 on the U.S. Hot 100 major chart in the same year! When In Rome undertook 2 successful club date tours of the U.S. in 1988 and 1989. In 1992, Clive and Andrew to When In Rome to Brazil on a very successful 1 month tour with Matt Rowe (East17, Spice Girls, Sophie Elllis Bexter) on keyboards.

In 2005, ‘The Promise’ was used as the main end theme for the cult movie, Napoleon Dynamite and won MTV’s Best Movie for the year award presented by actress Daryl Hanna

Soon, the band were asked to tour again in the USA and recruited electronic percussionist, Rob Juarez who’s worked with General Public, Paul Humphreys of OMD, Trans X and The Flirts as touring member. The band are currently planning a Nationwide tour of the U.S., South America, the Philippines and Canada.

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